Foodventure #1 We Eats!

Today, we went to Sushi Mori, a Japanese restaurant, along Centre Street N. This is our second time returning to this restaurant and it never fails to please. The atmosphere is comfortable and the owners are very sweet in this very small restaurant. There was a steady flow of customers rolling in, but there was always a couple tables empty. It seemed as though a lot of the customers knew the owners well.

For sushi, David ordered: 6 pieces of salmon sashimi, a spicy salmon roll which included 6 pieces, 2 pieces of unagi sushi, 2 pieces of hamachi sushi, and 1 piece of special scallop. We also ordered a bowl of beef udon soup.

One of the biggest reasons that we return to this restaurant is because they offer HUGE pieces of sashimi. I mean HUGE. So the salmon sashimi was definitely a hit. The spicy salmon was our least favorite, but that is not saying a lot since it was still very good. That said, the spicy salmon roll wasn’t any different than from other restaurants. The beef udon soup was very flavourful and we could smell the beef being cooked. The only flaw that I saw about the udon was that the noodles were perhaps a little overcooked, which made it too soft. Overall, we had a great experience, and we hope to visit again!


Left: Spicy Salmon Roll, Right: Salmon Sashimi

Left: Special Scallop, Right: Hamachi Sushi, Top: Unagi Sushi


Beef Udon Soup

David’s Rating: 4/5

Connie’s Rating: 4.5/5

Next, we visited Mango Mania, also along Centre Street N near Crescent Hill. This is a shop specializing in mango dessert drinks that opened up just last year. This is our first time returning and hoped to end the night off with something sweet. When you first enter, you are greeted by an open space with benches and a long running counter. On the wall to your left, there is the menu and in front there is the cash register. Their use of minimalism complimented the shop very well. We were the only ones there when at first, but a several customers arrived after us. The lighting gave the shop a nice warm atmosphere, and although their music was a little loud, we felt comfortable.


Mango Mania

A little art wall in Mango Mania

David got the Mango Coconut drink and I got the Mango Mania drink, exactly what we got last time. The Mango Coconut had coconut on the bottom and mango on top, which was then topped with mango chunks. Unfortunately, for David, his drink was too icy, and there were big chunks of ice in it. That said, it had a nice balance of coconut and mango. The Mango Mania had everything mango: mango drink, mango chunks, mango mochi, and mango jelly; and also some pomelo pieces. I really enjoyed my drink, last time it felt a little watered down, but this time it had a lot of flavor. I particularly enjoyed the extra toppings in it as it turned it more into a dessert rather than a drink. We felt that this ended the night off quite well!


Left: Mango Mania, Right: Mango Coconut

David’s Rating: 2.5/5

Connie’s: 3/5

Total costs:

Sushi Mori: $45

Mango Mania: $16


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